Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Bryan Susilo’s followed path towards being a successful Property Investor

Bryan Susilo was a son born to immigrant parents from Jakarta. He was raised in Applecross, Perth Western Australia by his mother and a successful business father. He was one of the few who wanted to learn new things and grasp knowledge as much as he can. Bryan Susilo did so by immersing himself in texts, encyclopaedias, and all other sources of information that he could find around him. This gave him an early exposure towards the world and what it takes to be a successful businessman.

It was at the age of 11, that Bryan Artawijaya Susilo took enterprise and business with a serious approach and did everything to gain a lot of experience by being with successful entrepreneurs who gave him specialist knowledge and experience in getting win-win entrepreneurship skills. All these skills helped him to rise as a young but experienced businessman. In fact he brought 10+ properties through Perth’s metropolitan areas at just the age of 18 and he was assisted by his sister.

Thus his life is an outcome of his designs and his will to shape his dreams.

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